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We currently have 42,000 Anthurium plants being grown on, which will start producing from mid to end of 2004. All our Anthurium plants are supplied by a company in Holland called Anthura. They are a world leader in Anthurium.

You can see our new range of Anthuriums below. Ask for them by name the next time you're buying flowers!

Please click on the photos below to see a larger photo.

Acropolis  Baron  Calisto
Acropolis                      Baron                       Calisto

Cantare  Casino  Champagne
Cantare                     Casino                   Champagne

Cheers  Choco  Eternity
Cheers                       Choco                   Eternity

Figo  Laguna  Maxima
Figo                          Laguna                    Maxima

Midori  Monet  Pistache
Midori                           Monet                      Pistache

Rosa  Safari  Sante
Rosa                          Safari                        Sante

Senator  Sirion  Tropical
Senator                      Sirion                       Tropical




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