Following are some tips to make sure your flowers look good and last well.

A small part of the stem should be cut off slanting with a clean knife before putting gerberas in clean  water. It is very important that the vases are disinfected before use and that clean water is used. It is preferable to use water with gerbera flower nutrition (see below), but if not available a low concentration of chloride is good as well. By keeping Gerberas in a cool climate you can slow down their growth and save the reserves in the flower. The ideal temperature is between the 6° and 9° Celsius. Gerbera flower nutrition consists of sugars and ingredients to bring the pH down as well as to reduce  the growth of bacteria. 

Cut 1 - 2 cm off each flower stem before placing in clean water. Cutting the stems will assist the flower’s ability to drink water and re-hydrate itself. Use a clean vase that has been washed with bleach. Ensure that there are no leaves in the water. Leaves will pollute the water encouraging bacterial growth and shortening vase life. 
Keep the vase water clean. Change every two days. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing your flowers in locations that suffer from extremely hot temperatures. A cut flower preservative/food mix, available from florists, can be used. 

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