Flower Care

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B & P Kay Ltd has been involved in the cut flower business for 23 years. We pride ourselves on our consistency of quality and all year supply with an emphasis on the customer and the service we provide. We have been accredited to the Quality Assurance program run by Vegfed.

  • Gerberas

    Caring for your Gerberas:

    Each flower is individually sleeved to protect them in transport, the sleeves can be gently removed on arrival

    On arrival, cut stems at a sharp angle and put them in a clean vase of clean lukewarm water - 5cm is more than enough water

    You can add ΒΌ teaspoon of bleach to the water to keep the bacteria away, thus increasing the vase life of the flower

    Place the vase of gerberas out of the sun in a draught-free location, away from a fruit bowl

    If the weather is warm during transport, the flowers may get a bit soft and the heads may be a bit droopy/floppy as they are transported out of water but they will come straight up and strong again after they have been cut and put in tepid water

    To get long enjoyment from your gerberas, recut the stems and refresh the water every few days

  • Anthuriums

    Caring for your Anthuriums:

    Cut stem on angle

    Place stem in clean fresh tepid water

    Add a few drops of household bleach, if the ends of the stem go white you have added too much

    Keep out of bright sunlight and out of drafts

  • Iris

    Caring for your Irises:

    On arrival of your iris, cut 2cm on an angle from the bottom of the stem

    To speed up the opening process place in lukewarm water